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Gone Gitmo Launches on Monday, September 17th at 10:30 AM PST

USC Institute for Media Literacy and the Seton Hall School of Law will be launching on Monday a "Virtual Guantanamo" to focus on public policy issues surrounding

Kiva in Second Life: Interview With Official SL Volunteers

Second Life volunteer: Julles Boucher, a micro-finance organization, has funded nearly 17,0000 loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries and last week crossed the $11 million rank. has already had a very big year, funding about $9 million worth of loans so far, and having been featured in the mainstream media including the Wall Street Journal and on ABC News.  With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, Kiva also maintains a presence on different social networking sites and has recently established a presence on Second Life through the Techsoup Nonprofits Commons Project


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According wikipedia:

A Griefer is a slang term used to describe a player in an multiplayer video game who plays the game simply to cause grief to other players through harassment. Griefing could be considered a malignant form of emergent gameplay.

Nonprofit Commons and dozens of other sims get griefed

This was my first live experience with a griefer and it brought many thoughts to mind about the act of griefing.

Doonesbury strip features philanthropic uses of Second Life


I got a tip from a comment on New World Notes by Neptune Rebel that the recent Sunday "Doonesbury" comic strip featured a reference to Second Life.  A character talks about how he has been fundraising for a charity using his "private foundation on Second Life," his avatar raising "nearly $600."  Great to see some of the charitable, non-profit work that goes on in-world being focused on by a major comic. Nicely done!

Share your "best practices" in non-profit activity in SL!

I am preparing a report on "best practices" for non-profits in Second Life that will be submitted to a major foundation. I know many of you are already doing great work in SL and have learned some valuable lessons that others could benefit from. I would love to get some anecdotes and thoughts on what has worked best (or worst) for you in promoting your work and mission within SL and what you are learning. I.e.:

  • We have learned that holding dances is a great way to bring avatars to our offices, and builds friendships and connections among our members.
  • In-world fundraising was our initial goal, but it hasn't worked out for us.
  • We think it's important to maintain a presence on the mainland, so random avatars can find us, versus being on our own private island
  • Freebies are a great way to draw traffic, and can spread your message far and wide.

I'd like to follow up with a quick interview, if you are available. Otherwise just drop me an email at or a notecard to Rik Riel.

I'll give you a fresh cup of virtual coffee for your help! And I'll be sharing these insights with the NPC and techsoup groups afterwards.

Muchisimas graçias!

- Rik Panganiban / Rik Riel

DOJ OKs Killing Net Neutrality

Imagine you and a friend are driving down the highway. Both of you are going the exact same speed and you are headed to the same Mall. On the way, you decide you are going to go to Sears and your friend decides that she wants to go to Barnes and Nobel--still at the same Mall. Mysteriously your car drops from 65 miles an hour to 35 miles an hour but your friend, she is still going full speed ahead.

Second Life Accessibility Center opening on September 9

At the Non-profit Commons launch event last month, there was a question about Second Life and accessibility issues. I just saw this press release about the new Accessibility Center on a couple of blogs and thought I should post it here.

On September 9, at 4PM PST, the Accessibility Center will officially open on HealthInfo Island (Teleport SLURL). The Accessibility Center provides continuing education and awareness about disabilities to the residents of and visitors to SL. The information available at the Center includes material about specific types of disabilities, accessibility in electronic games and virtual worlds, as well as assistive technology in the real world.

The complete press release after the jump...

World Blog Day 2007

I've tagged the whole nonprofits in SL group in the World Blog Day 2007. Consider yourselves part of the meme! If you want to read my post, point your browser at:

World Blog Day 2007 on Dogstar

SL designers sought for "Pink for Life" Breast Cancer benefit


I just got this call for contributions for a mixed reality Second Life / real life benefit for cancer research called "Pink for Life."  The European cancer research Gustave Roussy Institute is throwing a fashion exhibit and auction on the Champs Elysee in Paris from October 9-10 to raise funds and awareness towards breast cancer research.  Meanwhile from October 1-10 in Second Life there will be a corresponding exhibition and auction (done over eBay) of virtual world goods. 

They are looking for donations of objects, designs, and artistic creations for the exhibition in the categories of
Furniture, Clothes, Accessories, and Misc. Oh yeah, everything has to be PINK. The SL event will take place on Elyseum (direct teleport). 

Read the full event information after the jump or go to .


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