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The Health Panel Expo - May 27 in Second Life & in the Real World

The Health Panel Expo planning is coming together and the event is right around the corner! Here are the details!

Click here to view a complete agenda of the days events.


Linden Labs Looking for "Green" NPOs in Second Life

Linden Labs is looking for NPOs within the Nonprofit Commons community who are eco-friendly. Linden Labs is in the planning stages of a new, exciting project and need our help. If you are interested in being considered for this project, please contact Jeska Dzwigalski at Linden Labs.

Free Second Life Script Collection

You don't want to pay for a Visitor Tracker, Chat logger, Power Point Presentation, a video screen, or whatever tool that makes your stay in Second Life more pleasurable?

Or you simply want to learn the Linden Scripting Language? With the free Second Life Script Collection you can have it all. You can make your own SL Welcome Mat, or take apart the scripts, see how they work and learn from it.

Over 150 free SL scripts have already been uploaded for fast retrieval at the NPC
Share your free scripts too and watch the collection grow.

Have fun,

PS: for newcomers, please see the npc toolkit page at

Just one month until the first RezEd Conference on Learning and Virtual Worlds!

Are you an educator using virtual worlds for learning? Interested in gaining inspiration for your work, showing off your program, learning practical tips, and connecting with your peers within this emerging field of practice?

If so, then the first RezEd conference on Learning and Virtual Worlds is for you!

Join Jonathan Fanton and Cory Ondrejka on MacArthur Island on Monday May 18

We are excited to announce that on Monday May 18, the MacArthur Foundation will be officially launching MacArthur Island in Second Life with a public forum featuring Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and co-creator of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka. Ondrejka and Fanton will be discussing the future of virtual worlds and philanthropy, and then taking questions from the virtual audience. An informal reception will follow.

All at the Foundations sim (click here to teleport.)

Mixed Reality Takeaways from TechSoup Global Donor Day

TechSoup Global Donor Day

  1. Have one printed page with all access URLs, SLURLs and contact data shared across all places 24 hours ahead and make this available on all public channels.
  2. Prepare canned messages for hosting online chat, Second Life chat, Twitter and group notice posts shared with all organizers.
  3. Include all #hashtag keywords and @npsl information in every post for easier tracking throughout events.

NPSL on Flickr

We maintain a wonderful photo album on Flickr. Be sure to check out our great pics from Second Life or share your own. In order to share your photos (or any content related to Nonprofit Commons) simply tag your content, photo or post with NPSL so that we know where to look!

Congratulations for Virtual Ability - Co-Winner of Inaugural Linden Prize!!

Big congratulations are in order for Virtual Ability, winner of the Linden Prize.

We are honored to have them a part of the Nonprofit Commons and are thrilled that they are getting recognition for the amazing work they are doing for people with disabilities.

Teleport to Virtual Ability in NPC

From the press release:

Join Us for TechSoup Global Summit Panel: Wednesday April 29, 9:30 - 12 PM SLT

Donor Day at TechSoup Global Partner Summit

9:30 - 12 p.m. (PDT) Wednesday April 29

The Donor Day Program

The overarching theme for the day is a "modest" one: Building the technology infrastructure for social
change: An end-to-end perspective.

The agenda:

9:30a - 10:45a Pacific (16:30 - 17:45 UTC) Opening Plenary Panel: Core Issues, Hurdles and Opportunities
Panelists: David Barnard, Rufina Fernandes, Doug Jacquier, John Fung and, moderator, Daniel Ben- Horin


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