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December Campaigns: Tweet #TackleCF

Weekly Update at NPC: November 22, 2010

Virtual Mine Launch

I went to the Virtual Mine launch event to explore an educational sim that teaches about coal mining through the use of an interactive game environment. The Virtual Mine was built in anticipation of a film called Deep Down, which will be screening in various places around the world, and will also be shown on PBS' Independent Lens program. We met up with our guides, Girl Tenk and Tracks Elcano. Using voice chat, they instructed us to wear the hard hat and a HUD.

November 15th: Opportunities!

Weekly Update NPC: November 8, 2010

November at the Nonprofit Commons

Weekly Update NPC: October 2010

Weekly Update NPC: October 2010

2011 Land Pricing and the Nonprofit Commons

On Monday, October 4th, we were alerted to a blog post by Nelson Linden announcing that Linden Lab would be removing the discounts provided to the non-profit and education sims. There were a lot of comments flooding into the blog post, and Twitter was abuzz with Second Lifers with their speculations.

We immediately sent out the following response to the news:

NPC Weekly Update


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