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Last Chance: Submit your ideas for collaborative technologies!

The FACT Social Justice Challenge will stop accepting submissions on October 4th. I think that this would be a great opportunity for our NPC community to showcase what we can accomplish.

Weekly Update NPC: September 28, 2010

We are testing a new tool this week: Storify is in beta, allowing us to weave together our social media and stories into one embeddable file for the web. Tell us what you think of this tool and format!

Building Reputation Systems Online: Live-blogging from SF Online Community MeetUp

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Guest blogger, Lauren Friedman (@lauren_hannah on Twitter) is a Community Manager, writer, blogger and photographer.

Faces of the TechSoup Community

TechSoup's Youtube channel has now grown to several playlists, which features our members that we meet at the various conferences we attend. Here are TechSoup members HollabackDC talking about Flip video cameras that they bought from TechSoup Stock.

Weekly Update from Nonprofit Commons

Events this week:
Free Webinar on Tuesday 9/21 at 11AM PST:
Social Media Decision Making

Online Community MeetUp Wednesday night 9/22, 7PM PST in San Francisco
Hope you can join us in person, online or via Second Life inworld at the Plush Nonprofit Commons:

8:30AM PST Friday meeting at the Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheatre
Join us this FRIDAY AM for Meet Your Neighbor and other nonprofit technology leaders at

Last week at the NPC:

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Update for September 13, 2010

Weekly Update from the Nonprofit Commons

Events this week:
The new and improved site is live!
Check it out and let us know any feedback you have.

8:30AM Friday meeting at Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheatre
Join us this FRIDAY AM

Weekly Networking Event:
Wharf Ratz, Aloft every Tues., 8PM SLT

The next Online Community Managers Meetup in San Francisco will also be available in Second Life!

Weekly Update: September 7th at NPC

Events this week

8:30AM Friday meeting at the Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater
Join us this FRIDAY AM for fun sharing on the web and with heat maps as we connect great organizations at

Last week at the NPC:
Nonprofit Commons

In the Social Media Kitchen with TechSoup Chefs at NSAC 2010

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A fun night at Common Grounds

Had a great time at the Common Grounds tonight, dancing and networking with other NPSL tenants. The theme was “Stripes”; and everyone showed up looking their stripingly best!

TechSoup Technology Help Desk Office Hours

TechSoup's Nonprofit Commons in Second Life have been great at bringing people together to network, share, and learn about technology and how it can enhance their nonprofit work.

TechSoup has answered the community's technology questions via telephone, email, and on TechSoup's forums. This has also begun to occur on TechSoup's social media sites such as their Linked In and Facebook group.


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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