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EcoCommons Launches on Earth Day in Second Life

With Earth Day right around the corner (April 22), we are busy preparing for the launch of EcoCommons in Second Life.

EcoCommons is a virtual location (sim) designed for environmental organizations in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. Developed by TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons team in partnership with and OneClimate Island in Second Life, EcoCommons provides a network for environmentally-focused nonprofits to promote awareness, community-building and environmental education efforts in the virtual world and beyond.

Nonprofits in Second Life Survey (UBF)

Mocha Moon needs your help. Could you please take a few moments to complete this survey? It was created to gauge how non-profits engage with social work students, how organizations engage the next generation of donors and more.

Thanks for your help!

Featured Neighbor: The Exploratorium

Many thanks to Patio Plasma for taking the time to work with me on this great 5 minute interview! I checked out The Exploratorium yesterday and its really intriguing. The exhibits are really creative and its a great example of how education can be expanded in Second Life. I highly recommend that everyone take a trip there to check out the great exhibitions.

Q: What is the Exploratorium and why does it exist?

City Planning in Second Life

Second Life seems like such a dynamic platform for real-life city planning, and now that seems to be coming to fruition. The city of Birmingham in the UK has taken the lead in taking a look at this new platform for this practical purpose. The initiative has opened itself to mixed reviews, but I think that its a great test of how directly Second Life reflects real-life programs.

Come talk about the future of SL's Teen Grid & Main Grid this Wednesday March 25!

You are cordially invited to's first Seasonal Meetup this Wednesday, March 25 from 12-1pm PST in Second Life! For those that don't know, is a social network of educators using a variety of virtual worlds and MMOs for learning from a variety of perspectives and institutions.

Women at Work in Virtual Worlds - Tonight 7PM PST

Our own Glitteractica Cookie - aka Susan Tenby - will be speaking in real-life at the Women at Work in Virtual Worlds conference. The event will be LIVE at 7PM PST tonight in SL.

Video will be streaming live as well.

Good luck, Glitteractica!

Global Kids Streaming Live from National Service Learning Conference in Nashville on March 20

Tomorrow, March 20, Global Kids will be streaming from (and participating in) the National Service-Learning Conference in Nashville, TN for the third straight year. The conference is an inspiring gathering of over 2,700 students, teachers, youth-workers and volunteers focused on service learning. For more info on the conference, please see the conference website.

For those who can't make it to Nashville, Global Kids will be streaming several sessions from the NSLC live to the Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater (click here to teleport ). The complete schedule is as follows:

7 - 8:30am PST: Plenary Session
Exciting entertainment and inspiring keynote speeches from Dame Elisabeth Hoodless, the Executive Director of Community Service Volunteers, the UK’s largest volunteering and training charity and Dr. James Hildreth, Director of the Center for AIDS Health Disparities, Meharry Medical College

11:45am - 1:15pm PST: Global Kids Workshop: Virtual Worlds for Real World Service Learning - Intro for Educators
Learn about service-learning projects in virtual worlds such as Second Life and Habbo Hotel. You will gain a deeper understanding how virtual worlds can create more meaningful learning and service in your community.

1:30 - 3pm PST: Global Kids Workshop: Global Kids Workshop: Online Tools for Offline Action - How Generation MySpace Can Change The World
Join Global Kids to check out a variety of cool tools for your service-learning projects both online and offline. Discover how you can use Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, and others to make a positive difference locally and globally.

Both of the workshops will have interactive activities for the avatars to participate in. See you all there!

Sign the Pledge - Feed Hungry People

Hunger in this country has always been a problem, but with the current state of the economy and the rise in unemployment, it is hitting families worse than ever. has rallied with Tyson Foods, Share Our Strength, Hum. Minds at Work, Kompolt and Mediasauce to help support the efforts of food banks.

There are several ways that you, the individual, can help feed hungry people right now:

N2Y4's Mobile Challenge

As you might know, NetSquared – an initiative of TechSoup Global - is focused on launching Open Innovation Challenges designed to recruit and fund Web and mobile-based social-benefit projects.

This year, NetSquared's Global Challenge and Conference, N2Y4, focuses on mobile innovations that support communication and progressive social change. N2Y4's Mobile Challenge calls for world-changing ideas about how mobile applications can help citizens, groups and others create a better world for everybody.

Last Chance to Present in the Nonprofit Session at NSLC

We still have one NPC slot open for the Nonprofit Commons sessions to present in-world to the real-life National Service Learning Conference in Nashville, TN, 3/18-3/21. Further details on the conference are below, but this is a great chance to reach a 2000+ audience of folks, especially if you are involved with service projects/service learning in Second Life.

Our time slots for NPC nonprofits (in 30 minute increments) are:

Thursday, 3/19, 9:00 AM SLT

Thursday, 3/19, 9:30 AM SLT

Friday, 3/20, 9:00 AM SLT


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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