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Facebook Webinar 10am Pacific time Thurs 03/11

I'm excited to tell you about this Facebook Webinar as I love joining the fan pages of NGOs to keep tabs on their news and how I can help them. If you're a part of the Nonprofit Commons community, we have many upcoming opportunities for you to help us with greeting at one of these webinars, so let me know if you are interested by contacting nonprofitcommons(at)techsoup(dot)org! If you aren't yet, then feel free to join the group in Second Life.

03/05/10 Meeting - SL Viewer Beta, SL Support Groups, Brain Candy, and Virtual Haiti

FRIDAY March 5th, 2010 8:30 AM SLT AGENDA

8:30-8:40 Introductions 'Shout-Out'
8:40-8:45 Virtual Haiti Update - In Kenzo
8:45-9:00 Brain Candy Project - Jaywick Forcella
9:00-9:15   Support Groups in SL Project - Niko Linden
9:15-9:30 New SL Viewer Beta - Rik Riel
9:20-10:00 Open Mic

I'm very excited about tomorrow's meeting! We're having a lot of wonderful guests.

Nonprofit Technology Conference - Design a Networking Activity Competition

This is so awesome! TechSoup is having a networking activity competition and will pay part of the way to the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Deadline is March 5th, so put your activity planning skills to work!

Opportunity: Host a networking activity for your nonprofit tech colleagues

Where: NTC--the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

When: April 8-10, 2010

Why: TechSoup is showcasing the skills in our community (your skills!)

Haiti Relief Benefit Ball

Thanks to all the wonderful participants who donated to Virtual Haiti Relief at the benefit ball last night, and particular thanks to all the volunteers and performers who made this such a success! Special shout out to Brena Benoir for putting it all together!

Haiti Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting of 02/26/2010

On Friday, the 26th of February, the crew at the Nonprofit Commons invited several speakers to share their perspectives on providing aid in Haiti.

Tech Awards Laureates

Many of us are hard at work day and night applying technological tools to help mankind. Some of us get acknowledged, others are working hard and just have not caught their break yet. If you know someone, and you want to help them get that break, there's a great competition going on to select Tech Awards Laureates. You can nominate someone by going to their website here:

Their website says that you can nominate an organization or an individual, and they would be in the running for a $50,000 cash prize for each category!!



Virtual Haiti Relief with TechSoup Global's Nonprofit Commons to help Haiti

Avatars from around the world are coming together to honor the Haitian people with a cultural festival designed to raise money for Haiti relief and rebuilding efforts.

Free Online Event and Webinar with SL broadcast Feb. 18 : Straight Talk About Telecommunications for Your Organization

telecom equipment imageDon't know your VoIP from your POTS or even what these acronyms mean? Scratching your head on all the phone system options out there? Then this event is for you.

Join us Thursday February 18 at 11 a.m. Pacific for an informative webinar and forums event to help you avoid the buzz-word marketing and get the real picture on telecommunications.

We'll be joined by telecommunications expert and longtime TechSoup star and forums moderator, Chris Shipley of Nutmeg IT and Kevin Lo, Lead Technology Analyst for TechSoup Global. Our hosts will address the various voice communication options (VoIP, PBX hardware, voicemail, etc.) available and how these differ. We'll explore the pros and cons of different solutions, cost considerations, and examine what kinds of organizations would best benefit from different systems.

This live webinar kicks off the official launch of TechSoup's new Telecommunications discussion forum.  After the webinar, our hosts will continue the conversation in the asynchronous (not live) forums event. We've gotten the conversation rolling with topics like how telecommunications is changing nonprofit work, Google Voice, and what VoIP services organizations are using. Head on over and post your questions and get expert advice on your telecommunications needs!

NPC Member Dusty Artaud Interviewed in PrimPerfect Magazine

Coughran Mayo interviewed Dusty about Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum, a small nonprofit that works with at-risk children in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Full Article on pages 30-31 in PrimPerfect

Nonprofit Commons Video Premiers on YouTube

TechSoup and the Nonprofit Commons have released a new video created by machinimatographer Draxtor Despres. Filmed both in real life and Second Life, it shows how nonprofits collaborating in the virtual world can make a difference in the real world, one avatar at a time.


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