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Beth Noveck talks about Wiki Government in Second Life on July 20th!

Please join a Second Life simulcast, from the Markle Foundation, of Beth Simone Noveck, now the deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House responsible for Open Government, presenting her new book, WIKI GOVERNMENT: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A, in which participants from both Second Life and in person can ask questions of the author.

In the digital age our lives are constantly being transformed by the way in which we connect and collaborate with one another, affecting the way we make decisions - on a personal level, an institutional level, and a national level. Drawing on her expertise, and more directly her experience in creating Peer-to-Patent, the federal government's first social networking initiative, Ms. Noveck's Wiki Government insightfully demonstrates how technology, along with citizen participation, can help the government become more open and effective at solving the complex social and economic problems we face today.

The event will begin at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST on Monday, July 20, 2009 and will take place in Second Life on MacArthur Island (click here to teleport

Using Virtual Reality for Stakeholder Engagement: An Online Conference in Second Life

Don't miss our own Penguin Kuhn speaking at "Using Virtual Reality for Stakeholder Engagement: An Online Conference in Second Life" on July 16!

The event takes place Thursday, 16 July 2009, from 11:00-17:00 EDT in Second Life.

Join us!!

Facelift on the NPSL

Last night I completed an upgrade to the NPSL site. We hope that it will make our collective mission clearer (there is now a static home page) and the site a bit more readable (the contrast is a little better for viewing). On the left, you'll see a short list of the most recent posts. In the top menu, there is an item called "The Blogs". "The Blogs" will take you to the "river of news" that is all bloggers posts in a single place.

I hope you like the changes. Please let me know at matthew [at] dogstar [dot] org if you see any problems, broken links, and so forth.


Design Software to Help Your Oraganization's Work in Second Life

Once you get started with Second Life, you often find that having design software is really helpful when it comes to creating designs and textures in-world. And you may not be aware that TechSoup has some offerings that can help you out.

Net Tuesday Organizer Featured on NetSquared

Our own Jessica Dally, aka Kali Idziak, got a great write-up as a featured Net Tuesday Organizer on NetSquared! Congrats, Kali!

NPC - Script Starter HUD

The "Script Starter HUD" is a new NPC Tool to bring the scripter in you to life.

Attach the “Script Starter HUD” to your screen and search the NPC webbased script collection with over 200 free Second Life scripts (full mod). From TipJar scripts, Teleport, Sliding Door, 3D book scripts,... to tv and radio scripts.

Done with searching for hours in you inventory or teleporting from one shop to another. Just click a HUD button and search the database, or enter your keywords.

The "Script Starter HUD" can be purchased for free - yes 0 L$

Have fun!

Ada(love)lace Jewell
Nonprofit Commons tenant

June 2009

Highlights from NPC Meeting June 12, 2009

Get your organization featured at SL's 6th Birthday. Live connect with Learning and Virtual Worlds Conference in Wisconsin. Presentation on Kidsbridge. Open Mic

More Nonprofit Commons in the Press - Preferred Family Healthcare

Network World has a recent article about our own Coughran Mayo (Dick Dillon) and his accomplishments in SL:

"Mixed Reality Lounge" hosted by Nonprofit Commons on Huffington Post

Woohoo! Great write-up on Huffington Post about the recent "Mixed Reality Lounge" - Nonprofits Blaze Virtual Trails in Second Life Mixed Reality Lounge! Excellent job, Susan!

TechSoup and Nonprofit Commons in the News!

Mixed reality panel at NetSquared conference


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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