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Transcript of October 5th NPC Meeting - Featuring Jacques Macaire of HUMANBE

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

October 5, 2012, 8:30 AM SLT / PST

Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater


Nonprofit Commons Recap: Welcome Back Mayo Clinic

Jacques Macaire of HUMANBE, on Sustainability, Humanity and His Work in Second Life for October 5th NonProfit Commons Meeting

This Friday, October 5th, Nonprofit Commons is happy to feature Jacques Macaire (jacmacaire Humby in SL), who will speak to us about the nonprofit HUMANBE he founded and the work HUMANBE has done in Second Life as a

Transcript of September 28th NPC Meeting - Featuring Jayne Cravens of TechSoup


[08:24] Coughran Mayo: howdy

Pay It Forward - Transcript from Collaborative Community Planning Workshop on Sept 21, 2012

Unabridged Transcript from the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life 5th Anniversary Celebration Active Collaborative Community Planning Workshop we had on September 21, 2012 to create solutions for all our unify goals for the Virtual Vision 2020 - an initiative to develop a plan for the Second Life community.

[20:31] Zinnia Zauber: Welcome!

[20:31] JenzZa Misfit: in RL we would say : you cant all talk at once
..but in SL .. yes we can
[20:31] JenzZa Misfit: :)
[20:31] JenzZa Misfit: and it works

[20:31] Sister Abeyante yawns and consults her time zone map to wonder

TechSoup's Community Forums with Jayne Cravens for September 28th NonProfit Commons Weekly Meeting

This Friday, September 28th, Nonprofit Commons is happy to feature Jayne Cravens, who will speak to us about TechSoup’s Community Forums.

Transcript for the September 21st NPC Meeting - 5th Anniversary Celebration and Featuring Marnie Webb

On Friday, September 21st meeting featured the community coming together to celebrate the NPC's 5th Anniversary, this included Marnie Webb, the Co-CEO of Tech Soup along with m

Nonprofit Commons in Second Life 5th Anniversary Celebration

Friday September 21 at the Nonprofit Commons (NPC) on Plush and Aloft with events throughout the day and festive formal dress encouraged!


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