Who Can Use the Calendar?

The event calendar belongs to this community! However, if you'd like to add events to the calendar, you need to have special permissions. You can ask Glitteratica, Penguin, or me to set you up! After you have "the keys", pop on over to the EVENT PAGE. There is a tutorial if you'd need some HELP.


Lupus Awareness & Posting Priv.

Hello Creech, I'm new to the site and we have a bi-monthly Lupus Awareness Fundraising event on my sim (the Red Door). Our next is July 19th and I want to get as many involved in this event. I am also a member of the SL group Lupus Awareness Foundation thats directed by Deeva Allen who is inworld. Would love to get support on the event planning and making people aware that there is an active support group in SL for Lupus Survivors.

Cleopatra Kellman

Hiya Creech! Need Calendar Perms! Glitter wants me to Post

Hey! Can you add calendar perms to my NonProfitCommons.ORG account "any1gynoid" is my usename. Medora wanted me to add our Human Rights Network meeting for this coming Thursday at 2pm slt... Many Thx! Cheers!


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.