Just a little funny bit that was in today's SF Chronicle

if you get the San Francisco Chron, check out Leah Garchik on page e8. If not, just look here:

from Public Eavesdropping

Public eavesdropping

"I have to hang up now. I'm in a business meeting for Second Life, and my avatar is speaking.''

-- Young woman on cell phone at work, overheard at Brannan Street tech company by Connie Champagne

(In case you were wondering, I was that girl overheard by Connie (she was standing waiting for me after work), and CompuMentor’s offices are on Brannan)


And who might be the person

And who might be the person overheard? ;)

I mentioned that I was the person that was overheard

Is that what you were asking? Or were you asig who overheard me?


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